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Gnu Money

2.900,00 kn 2.175,00 kn s PDV-om
A twin park preferring utility board that gives you quite the bang for your buck. The reluctant Biznas men and women at Gnu Enterprises honor the hustle with a lil’ gift. We went all in on the guts of this toaster; Magne-Traction, poppin C2 Rocker Camber Hybrid contour, sustainable wood core, ecosublimated graphics. New flow shape. Art by Jay Howell @punksgitcut Unreal park performance and bang Future freestyle inspired all terrain utility Enjoy this $timulus package!

Gnu Asym Velvet

3.700,00 kn 2.775,00 kn s PDV-om

Lib Tech Box Scratcher BTX

3.900,00 kn 2.995,00 kn s PDV-om
The Box Scratcher is you're every day, every condition, every mountain freestyle fun board. It’s poppy / floaty / buttery ways open up an entire universe of freestyle progression. With flat-kick nose and tail, a strong sintered base and a perfect flex the Scratcher continues to navigate Jesse Burtner through space and time on his epic anthology of weird freestyle fun. Stop counting the vertical and start enjoying the horizontal... the spice must flow! Art by Christina “Pika” Burtner (@pika_burtner). “Watch out for what lurks under sun baked snow. Mammoth tunneling beasts will get you in the sun cupped valleys. Best to stay in the trees.” ~ Pika CREATIVE JIBBY FREESTYLE FUN THE UNIVERSE IS YOUR TERRAIN PARK NOW WITH 20% MORE SPICE!

Lib Tech Snake Kink 159

4.440,00 kn 3.108,00 kn s PDV-om
Matt Cummins’ latest experimental creation in the quest to get the most out of a single snowboard. Dual threat nose profile on a modern C3 camber contour allows the Kink to be ridden in hard challenging hardpack and ice conditions and then float like crazy in powder. Explore the untapped shred potential of the Snake Kink nose... elevated performance and creative opportunity is built in. Art by Damian Fulton (@damianfulton) “I am super pumped to see this come to life. Damian Fulton did the artwork. We are all super stoked he was interested! Damian is the creator of the Radical Rick comics that ran in BMX PLUS. He also held the position of VP Art director at Marvel Comics for years.” ~ Matt Cummins MATT CUMMINS EXPERIMENTAL FREERIDER AGGRESSIVE RIDING IN ALL CONDITIONS FROM ICE TO POW DUAL THREAT KINK NOSE RIPS HARDPACK FLOATS POW

Lib Tech Mc Wayfinder C2 153

4.700,00 kn 3.290,00 kn s PDV-om
Matt Cummins has been designing boards with us for 30+ years. He put all his Mt Baker/Baldface and Japanese pow knowledge into this beautiful hourglass, surfy, floaty, carvy shape. A short contact, 4.8 M sidecut fits into tight pockets and arcs amazing hardpack turns. The long floaty nose is fast and effortless in pow and the turned up tail maximizes backcountry and freestyle freedom. Art by Steven Valliere “I am super stoked to be working with Steven again. His style of art perfectly fits the Wayfinder vibe. It looks good in the snow and it’s a great wall hanger. Steve hails from Kauai and NZ and is a hardcore surfer with good waves running though his veins, his art shows that for sure. Thanks Steven!” ~ Matt Cummins FLOATY, CARVY, SEXY DIRECTIONAL FREERIDER DESIGNED IN A SNOW-CAT THIS IS THE PERFECT RESORT POW STICK FAST RUGGED SINTERED ECO SUBLIMATED BASE