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Univerzalni Adapter 718-SP118

40,00 kn 32,00 kn s PDV-om
SP118 Adaptor for Bravo Pumps ( SUP / Kajak )

Univerzalni Adapter 718/ADJ

39,00 kn s PDV-om
BRAVO SUP/KITE LONG ADAPOR SP718/ADJ. Male – push in design for 20mm I.D. hose. Fundamentally, this adaptor is the same

Bravno Mini El.Pumpa MB 50/12

155,00 kn 116,25 kn s PDV-om
12V Electric inflator Pressure 40Mbar Inflate and deflate With fittings Available with car lighter plug (A version) or directly to

Aqua Marina Finbox Adapter

198,00 kn 138,60 kn s PDV-om
Brand: Aqua Marina Dimensions: 21.2*5.2*4.5cm/8.3"*2"*1.8" Material: PA66+30%GF Shaft: Stainless Steel Screw Hole: 4mm

Perajica Starboard M 4.7 Net Positive

150,00 kn s PDV-om
These Starboard  SUP Plastic Side Fins are the genuine replacement part for those supplied from the Starboard factory. Injection moulded

Perajica Starboard 6 3/4″

220,00 kn s PDV-om
Nylon with 30% fiber content, defined edges, and extra stiffness for performance. Available on Starlite as side fins. Used for

OXBOW Sup Leash 6ft

278,00 kn 222,40 kn s PDV-om
Leash 6ft Ankle Strap Allround Surf

Perajica Starboard M 8 Net Positive

250,00 kn s PDV-om
NET POSITIVE FINS UPCYCLED FISHING NET Imagine retrieving fishing nets from the Ocean and upcycling the materials to outperform fins

BicSports 11′ SUP LEASH COIL

330,00 kn 264,00 kn s PDV-om
BIC SUP leashes are constructed from high quality components and meet our demand for rigorous standards of workmanship. With a

Perajica Starboard M 9 Net Positive

280,00 kn s PDV-om
NET POSITIVE FINS UPCYCLED FISHING NET Imagine retrieving fishing nets from the Ocean and upcycling the materials to outperform fins

Perajica Starboard FCS 2 Touring 9

450,00 kn s PDV-om
FCS CONNECT FINS TOOLLESS CONNECTION Install and remove your fins in seconds, without the need for any screws or tools

NeilPryde Performer Single Boardbag

915,00 kn 732,00 kn s PDV-om
5mm foam body for protection Double padded nose and tail Reflective tarpee on one side for thermal protection Rust proof

Bravo El. Pumpa 20-2 sa Baterijom

2.750,00 kn 2.200,00 kn s PDV-om
Portable, low-noise electric air pump Bravo G20-2 Large pressure range selectable Air volume flow: 125 l / min Maximum pressure:

Pumpa Bravo 20-12v s Baterijom

2.795,00 kn 2.236,00 kn s PDV-om
Opremljena pumpa s dva snažna tiha motora – automatsko zaustavljanje nakon postizanja željenog tlaka Sustav filtra za zaštitu – zajedno

Pumpa Bravo El. 230 / 2000

2.795,00 kn 2.236,00 kn s PDV-om
– voltage 230V – power  1000 W / 2000 W (with booster) – output 1800 L/min and pressure 3.3 psi

Bravo El. Pumpa GE 230/2000

2.795,00 kn 2.236,00 kn s PDV-om
Item GE 230/2000 Part number Voltage supply 230V MAINMOTOR – 230V BOOSTER Max power 1000 W – 2000 W Max

Bravo El. Pumpa GE21-1 sa Baterijom

2.795,00 kn 2.236,00 kn s PDV-om
Technical information: Product code: GE 21, 6130801 Air flow: 125 l/min Max. pressure: 1,5 bar (22.0 PSI) Current consumption: 9A