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3.871,00 kn4.242,00 kn s PDV-om


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Dedicated freestyle performance. The Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. Higher aspect ratios improve lift. The 5 batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most 4-batten sails. A dynamic relationship between luff curve and seam shaping enables the Freek to inflate further and faster for increased power and explosive pop, whilst still going neutral for reliable duckability. The higher skin tension adds stability and extends the wind range. For 020 the centre of lift has been moved higher to increase leverage. The resulting pop is next level. This year’s Freek has bigger difference between it’s loaded and unloaded states, so you can go from zero to massive in an instant. Explosive. Dedicated freestylers will rig the Freek with less downhaul with a tighter head for maximum lift, freestyle wave riders may use more downhaul for more control in a wider range of conditions. The 020 Freek gives maximum freestyle performance.


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The FoilGlide is NOT just a freeride sail with ‘Foil’ written on it… Specifically designed for foiling with focus on the following points; LIGHTWEIGHT This is one of the most important characteristics. And we do lightweight sails better than anyone. SOFT Easier to pump. Doesn’t need the stiffness as rig load is reduced once up and flying. STABLE Need to reduce any draft movement as it affects the trim. Better to keep everything constant. Cams keep the sail profile stable and minimize any movement. SHORT BOOMS Better control. The shorter boom length allows you to easily adjust your stance. After the success of our foil racing sail, the HyperGlide, we have created a user-friendly freeride version – the FoilGlide. Sharing a lot of technology and ideology these sails are the ultimate for foiling.
The high aspect design is more stable, more efficient and more controllable. Keeps the boom lengths short and easy to manage. Combined with a tighter leech, the leverage is increased which gets you up and foiling with a smaller sail in lighter winds.With only 4 battens and lightweight construction, the physical weight of these sails is significantly less than other sails. For foiling this makes maintaining trim much easier, and just a lot more fun to use. Fewer battens, as well as less skin tension, makes the FoilGlide soft and easy to pump up onto the foil. The FoilGlide is THE choice for freeride foiling.

Bic Sport Techno Wind Foil 130

10.565,00 kn 8.452,00 kn s PDV-om

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(Dostava za proizvode iznad 2m dužine naplaćuje se prema mjestu slanja) DUŽINA : 230 cm  / ŠIRINA : 81,5 cm  / TEŽINA : 9.5Kg / VOLUMEN : 130L / TEHNOLOGIJA : ACE-TEC

Bic Sport Techno Wind Foil

12.930,00 kn 10.344,00 kn s PDV-om
Mast height: 850 mm Fuselage length: 885 mm Front wing length: 800 mm, area: 810 cm2 Rear wing length: 450 mm, area: 255 cm2 Weight : 4.50 kg Fin Box plug: Deep Tuttle

Bic Sport Techno Pro Wind Foil 130

17.000,00 kn 13.600,00 kn s PDV-om

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(Dostava za proizvode iznad 2m dužine naplaćuje se prema mjestu slanja) DUŽINA : 230 cm  / ŠIRINA : 81,5 cm  / TEŽINA : 8Kg / VOLUMEN : 130L / TEHNOLOGIJA : C-TEC