JP Prone Foil CSE 2021

6.820,00 kn 4.774,00 kn s PDV-om


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The JP Prone Foil boards are the next evolution for those looking to progress their foil surfing to a smaller, more
maneuverable board and for anyone coming from a surfing background starting to foil. Although normal surfboard shapes
can work, these boards are designed specifically towards foiling, allowing you to get the highest performance possible.
Add wingfoiling to the range of use of this model if you are on an advanced level.
By creating a smaller compact shape, these boards still offer appropriate volume and length for easy paddling and a
smooth take-off. As a result, you will catch waves earlier than ever before. The flat deck allows for great control and
the chimed rails help minimize water contact in tight turns. Compared to a SUP foil board, the Prone Foil shapes have
less volume providing a unique lively feel. Pumping is much easier due to their shorter length and lighter weight. The
narrow outline of the Prone Foil boards means you can carve tighter in turns and get lower to the water before touching
it causing you to slow down.
The 6’0” shape has plenty of volume for catching your first waves and standing up onto the foil with good stability. This is
the board of choice for beginner foil surfers coming from SUP or from surfing intermediate level surfboards.
The 5’0” shape is a great size for experienced surfers who are used to riding smaller and more advanced surfboards. The
foiling performance is amazing as long as you are comfortable with the take-off.
And the 4’5” is the size for those who are on the most advanced level.
With these boards, foil surfing gives you the ability to escape the crowds and have fun in
conditions you never thought possible on a normal surfboard.